Disney Springs Update: Panoramic View of Town Center

Welcome to our first official Disney Springs update! As it was announced a few days ago, the Downtown Disney area officially changed its name, even though work is still underway around many sections of this entertainment district.
This afternoon we'll take a quick look at the current status of the Town Center, which is expected to become the largest of the themed neighborhoods of Disney Springs, and will include multiple stores, restaurants, and the "actual" springs.

First of all, take a look at the new pedestrian bridge connecting the future Town Center with the Disney Springs Cast Services building. This will mostly be used by Cast Members once all parking areas open):

Moving on to the Town Center's future parking area/bus entrance:

The Town Center:

A long line of columns can be seen nearby:

The second multi-level parking garage that will open to Disney Spring Guests next year:

Some of the many buildings that will soon house more dining locations and retail experiences:

Notice the curved wall:

More buildings under construction near The Landing:

Some of the five bridges that will connect The Landing to the Town Center are also under construction:

The former Adventurer's Club:

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  1. Huge building pit and no one working.
    No wonder this takes forever.

  2. @Otto .....troll

  3. I actually agree with Otto...You would hope with a project of this size they would have crews working around the clock until completion.

  4. After looking through all the pictures there is not 1 construction worker in any of them!