Animal Kingdom Update: Huge Floating Mountains (Part 1)

The massive floating mountains being built in the future Pandora themed area of Disney's Animal Kingdom are definitely going to look absolutely spectacular.
While we are still a few years (sigh!) away from the grand opening of this new land, these tall structures already dominate the skyline of Animal Kingdom, as they can see both inside and outside the park. This afternoon we will be taking a closer look at the these mountains, and then we'll check out the rest of the park.

Welcome to Disney's Animal Kingdom:

Let's begin by taking a look at the floating mountains mentioned at the beginning of this post:

The sheer size of these structures cannot be conveyed through mere photos:

Another (smaller) mountain:

Passing by the Oasis:

Discovery Island:

The expansion of the Disney Outfitters store continues:

Notice the new details on the roof:

The front of the shop:

The back of the shop:

Work also continues in the seating area of the Flame Tree Barbecue restaurant:

The refurbishment of Primeval Whirl continues at DinoLand U.S.A.:

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