New Agent P's World Showcase Adventure Test at Epcot

Guests who enjoy Epcot's popular scavenger hunt game based on the Phineas & Ferb franchise will be interested in knowing that, in the next few weeks, Cast Members will test a new way for Guests to participate in this interactive game.
Indeed, Disney will soon release a new "Agent P's World Showcase Adventure" app that park Guests will be able to download (free of charge, of course) on their personal mobile device that will allow them to trigger multiple special effects.

According to our sources, after downloading the free application, Epcot Guests will still need to stop by one of the "Recruitment Centers" located around the park (in Future World or World Showcase) where a Cast Member (or "Secret Agent!") will enable the mobile device by inputting in the system a specific code that will be assigned to the Guest's phone. Afterwards, Guests will be able to explore World Showcase and start solving clues to thwart Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s most daringly evil plots.

As a reminder, this is going to be just a test, so it is NOT guaranteed that this service will be available in the future (we don't see why this wouldn't become a permanent offer, though). Guests who do not have a smartphone or tablet (or those who just do not wish to use their own device) will still be able to use the park's F.O.N.E.s (Field Operative Notification Equipment).

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