Reign of Kong Update: More Themed Walls and Rockwork

The massive outer walls of the showbuilding containing the new King Kong ride continue to receive a lot of amazing details at Universal's Islands of Adventure.
The rockwork that was previously only visible on the left side of the facade is now being extended to the right, and even more particulars are now visible. In addition to that, the mural behind the attraction's facade continues to be painted and the building housing the queue is taking shape. Explore the area with us:

The mural appears to be completely painted on the far left corner:

A look at the area from the walkway leading to Jurassic Park:

As we mentioned at the beginning, the rockwork continues to expand:

King Kong's head:

The rest of the mural still needs to be completed:

A quick look behind the walls:

A panoramic view of the construction zone:

Another close look at the mural:

More themed elements are being added around the ride path:

A close-up of the outer walls:

The rest of the facade:

Notice the layers:

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