Duffy the Disney Bear Leaves Epcot to Make Way for Daisy

Beginning Sunday, October 4, Epcot Guests will be able to meet Daisy Duck at the gazebo near Showcase Plaza (the large area located between the two stores, near the entrance of World Showcase). As a result of this adjustment, Duffy the Disney Bear’s last day at Epcot will be Saturday, October 3, 2015.
Duffy the Disney Bear merchandise will remain available for purchase in multiple locations throughout the Walt Disney World Resort, including Epcot's shops.


  1. We are sad about this, Our Daughter LOVES duffy, and met him for the first time last week, and walked away loving him even more... Her Duffy hasn't left her arms since...

    I know his popularity isn't what it is over in Asia, but It still is a tad sad...
    We will miss you Duffy!

  2. I had a fun interaction with Duffy one time, I was with a friend which it was her first visit to WDW in about 15 years, so she was awe struck with a lot of things (her first trip as an adult), I made her go through one meet-n-greet, and this one had no line, shocking, and Duffy was awesome, I think they enjoy not always having to pander to children, as we were leaving, he and I fist bumped, lit it up, and watched it fall. I was laughing for 20 minutes after we left cause it was just so bizarre/fun. I think he would have made more sense in the World Showcase if they had occasionally re-dressed him to "fit" various countries throughout the Showcase, which could have then also been a boon to his outfit sales.

  3. First the Hat at DHS, and now Duffy at Epcot. Next needs to be Dinorama at AK and Stitch at MK, and our top least liked things about the parks will be gone.

  4. I like Duffy. Wont bother to list the characters that I find forgettable, or otherwise wouldn't miss. And there's 14 acres coming to DHS based on a Pixar movie that I'll never have to visit (hopefully the stroller crowd will spend all day there).

    So, to each their own!

  5. Why Daisy, she already meets in Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom? There are so many other characters that don't meet at all.

    Baymax & Hiro would be perfect in Future World. Or Ralph. or so many other under-represented characters!


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