Hollywood Studios Update: Theater Spires Return (PART 1)

It's hard to believe, but September is already here. This means that summer is almost over (at least, according to the calendar), and the very popular "Frozen" Summer Fun event will soon come to an end at Disney's Hollywood Studios.
While it will be sad to see the amazing nightly firework show gone, Guests visiting the park will be able to enjoy much lighter crowds and lower wait times in the next few weeks. Goodbye busy summer season, hello (brief) light season!

Even though it rained a few times during the day, it was great to walk around the park:

The Center Stage:

The temporary stage will be removed soon. Hopefully a new (permanent) stage will be built in its place:

The amazing Chinese Theater recently got its spires back:

They really make a lot of difference:

Thank you, Turner Classic Movies!:

Animation Courtyard:

The sign of The Magic of Disney Animation has been removed, and the entrance was repainted:

This will soon house the new Star Wars Launch Bay:

The Animation Gallery is also closed:

The former Disney Junior - Live on Stage sign has been removed from the big arch:

New posters have been installed nearby:

The new entrance for the show:

Plenty of space has been freed:

The great Walt Disney - One Man's Dream exhibit is still open at the moment:

The first billboard for the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie has been installed:

The Soundstage lounge is still open:

Entering Pixar Place:

"Only" a 50-minute wait for Toy Story Mania. It is actually very low for this attraction:

The temporary Mickey meet-and-greet:

Moving on to the Streets of America:



  1. Did anyone notice the "hidden" A113?

  2. Will there still be Pixar Place when Toy Story Land opens?

  3. I think "Walt Disney - One Man's Dream" should be a permanent fixture somewhere in one of the parks. I don't know how many times I have been in there and heard a child say something like, "I didn't know Walt Disney was a real person." Let's not lose this history.

  4. I think it needs moving to the Magic Kingdom. It could easily fit into the area next to the exit of Space Mountain where the video games were. They also could open it in a building at Disney Springs where guests would have more time to view his work.

  5. They used to have something like it at the Magic Kingdom: The Walt Disney Story. I doubt it's coming back.

  6. "Will there still be Pixar Place when Toy Story Land opens?"

    From things I have heard it's very likely that it will go away and become backstage space. TSL will be on the other side of the TSMM building and have it's own entrance back there.

  7. Great update but I must respectfully disagree regarding the need for a permanent stage. I'd like to see no stage there at all, so you can walk up that street and see the theater at the end, not unlike Cinderella's Castle walking up Main Street. The stage is an eye sore and should be located elsewhere so as not to block the view of the theater.

  8. I agree with Jason. No stage, no need for a continuous stream of seasonal 'experiences' right in front of the theater. It's a nice open plaza and there is value and dignity to that.