Hollywood Studios Update: Theater Spires Return (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our latest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report, OTPN Readers. We encourage you to check PART 1 before proceeding. In the previous part of this update, we took a look around the entrance of the park, the Center Stage, the beautiful Chinese Theater, Pixar Place, and more.
Let's now continue to walk around the park, as there are still a few other news to report, including an update on the construction of the new flex theater.

A few more photos of the Streets of America:

The San Francisco background could use a refurbishment. It looks quite faded:

Some of the artworks from the now-closed Animation Gallery have moved into the Muppets Studio shop:

The Muppet band seems to be gone:

Pizza Planet:

It looks so bare:

Star Tours:

Echo Lake:

The Hyperion Theater:

Walking down Sunset Blvd.:

The new Reel Vogue sign:

We have never noticed these potted plants before:

Construction continues in the site of the future flex theater, located next to the Hollywood Tower Hotel:

New awnings are taking shape:

Notice the new color scheme:

New palm trees have been planted nearby:

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  1. What is a "Flex" Theatre ? This will be what per se?

    1. It will be a special event only theater most likely. So they can begin to tear down the other theaters that did special events.

  2. Will the new color scheme on the future theater being built be the color scheme for the other "Sound Stage" buildings around the park? I hope so cause I like those colors over the current beige color.

  3. Flex theater doesn't have a permanent or 'locked in' configuration. There are places now where all the seating, stages, etc can be reconfigured without reconstruction. Some have seating for example that rises, lowers, entire rows can be taken below to increase space. The lighting and other stage infrastructure is more, well, flexible as to its configuration as well. I have no idea as to the extent of Disneys plans, but in general the concept is easy reconfiguration for a variety of uses.

  4. Regarding my comment from Part 1 of this update, perhaps the new "flex theater" will eliminate the need for the temporary theater that blocks the view of the Chinese Theater as you walk up Hollywood Blvd?

  5. Good call Jason. Would give them much more to work with - lighting etc - as well.