Hollywood Studios: New Theater Takes Shape (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report, OTPN Readers. Be sure to also check out PART 1 by clicking here.
In the previous part, we focused on Hollywood Boulevard (which is completely invaded by Frozen), Echo Lake, and the Streets of America area. Let's continue our tour of the park by walking around the other themed areas, including the Animation Courtyard and Sunset Boulevard. Enjoy the photos.

More photos of the new Soundstage lounge:

Taking a look around the rest of the area:

The minor work that was being done on the Voyage of the Little Mermaid building has been completed:

The Magic of Disney Animation building is now closed:

A very intriguing (and vague) sign promises exciting things to come:

The nearby store will remain open for a few more weeks:

Let's take a look around:

The drawing class may be closed, but Guests can still see artists draw Disney characters in the store:

The new entrance of Disney Junior - Live on Stage!:

The refurbished Brown Derby Lounge is no longer behind walls:

Sunset Boulevard:

The former Villains in Vogue store is now Reel Vogue:

Moving on:

As we mentioned at the beginning of this update, a new theater is currently being built behind Rock 'n' Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith. The prefabricated walls were installed just recently:

It seems like the new building will share the same look as the nearby soundstages:

Before leaving, we noticed that they were holding the special Character Palooza event in the backstage area located by the Hollywood Tower Hotel. This usually takes place in the Streets of America:

Thank you for visiting the park with us!

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  1. Why do people still go there?
    Are they forced?

  2. Why wouldn't people still go to the studios, i will admit this park is far from prefect but you have to remember it still has two of the most thrilling rides on property, Tot and RnR plus with Frozen summer fun people still want to go. This park needs some major work and with the rumors of whats coming it should be good. My problem with the studios at the minute is they are closing to much but we are not seeing any ground broke or updates now this all might change with D23 coming up, but i am sick of the hatred for this park.

  3. Chrisbl I agree with you, I hate how everything has been handled so far in terms of closing rides/attractions however this is still my favorite park due to total and rnr. Not to mention star wars is fun and toy story is entertaining if you don't need to wait an hour for it.

    With the star wars rumors, i.j. rumors and cars rumors I see this being the best park in Disney period if they would all happen.

  4. What is this Character Palooza? Looks like there are more cast members standing around than there are guests. Seems like a waste to me.

  5. If you have access to all the parks, I don't see what's wrong with swinging over to the Studios to hit the couple good rides.

  6. My light comment... Character Palooza is an excellent chance to meet a bunch of characters in one place, with often times lower crowds. It often times has come rarer characters, and its hard to predict who it will be. I am sure there is an operational reason for doing it, more than just to offer it to guests, because it isn't really pushed. (maybe training?!?)

    Now my serious comment..

    Bill Cosby = Bad got to remove him from the parks
    Michael Jackson = Gotta keep bringing him back into the parks.

    One allegedly had an issue with adults using drugs, and the other with kids. Neither was charged, neither was found guilty, but BOTH paid off accusers and sealed documents.

  7. Every time I go to Disney, I cant miss this park. I love most of the atmosphere, it has some of my favorite rides and shows,(Toy Story, Star Tours, ToT, RnRC, Muppet Vision) and Fantasmic is fantastic! Not to mention, in the winter time, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights...

  8. ^^Just to clarify (even though it shouldn't even be an issue at this point):

    1. Michael Jackson WAS charged and was found NOT guilty.
    2. Bill Cosby admitted to drugging women and raping them.

    Whether MJ deserves to be in the parks or not, Bill Cosby definitely does not. Now let's get back to the parks.


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