Additional Information About The New NBC Media Center

About a month ago, the new NBC Media Center officially debuted at Universal Studios Florida. During the time the location was under construction, quite a few people wondered about the nature of this mysterious addition, especially since no formal announcement has been released by the Universal Orlando Resort.
After having been left in the dark for all these months, we finally learned details about this new offering thanks to an article posted in an internal publication:

The NBCU Media Center (or NBC Media Center) recently opened in Universal Studios Florida in the Garden of Allah area. The center is a state-of-the-art research facility which is available to all NBC Universal businesses and Comcast. The facility, which is the largest biometrics facility of its kind in the country includes the following research capabilities:
  • Dial Tests for video content (programs, pilots, promotions, and movies);
  • Advanced tools for measuring personal engagement and response to content;
  • Focus Group Facilities for qualitative research;
  • “Living Room of the Future” which enables research on consumer use of new technologies in a “real life” environment.
The facility will be open only when research is being conducted. During that time, the facility will open one hour after official park opening and close one hour before official park closing. The NBCU Media Center is a facility built to support research across the company and is not open to the public unless a guest has been accepted as an applicable research participant.

Click on this link for an extensive photo-gallery showcasing the outside of the new NBC Media Center.

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  1. Can they stuff whatever stupid Jimmy Fallon ideas they had in that building, and make Twister something cool instead?


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