Hollywood Studios: New Theater Takes Shape (PART 1)

A new theater is currently being built at Disney's Hollywood Studios. While this could sound exciting to some, it is important to specify that this new venue could only be used during special events and/or for after-hour parties (such as park buyouts). On the other hand, this could also be part of a much bigger project that includes the removal of quite a few theaters on the other side of the park (such as the old Premiere Theater). Let's take a look around the park:

We never noticed this fun billboard before. Did you know that you can actually see a truncated version of this animated short somewhere else around the Walt Disney World Resort? Try to guess where:

The Frozen Summer Fun screen was having some technical issues:

Of all the LED panels that could top working, this had to be it?:

The Tip Board is gone, just as we mentioned some time ago:

The Center Stage area:

Moving on to Echo Lake:

The Bill Cosby bust was recently replaced by a Bob Newhart bust in the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Hall of Fame (that's a long name for such a small area, isn't it?):

The new Ice Palace Boutique is located behind the Hyperion Theater:

Briefly visiting the Streets of America:

This looks like a new photo location, which is also available in the store located at the exit of Star Tours:

One of the windows was covered:

It is amazing to see the amount of people that can fit in the Lights, Motors, Action! stadium:

The former entrance of the Studio Backlot Tour has become a temporary Mickey Mouse meet-and-greet:

Pixar Place:

A new, temporary door was added to the expanded Toy Story Mania building:

The park feels much busier this year (while Epcot has never been quieter):

Another look at the new Soundstage where Guests can sit down and cool off:

It's a very bare location, but it serves its purpose:

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  1. "Production Number: A113" Haha, that's the same number that appears in every Pixar movie (which was the classroom where they went to school.) Good to see someone adding hidden stuff like that.


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