Disney Vacation Club: One-Time-Use Vacation Points

Disney Vacation Club Members should be aware of the fact that Disney recently changed its policy on how one-time-use vacation points can be purchased and used. Starting from this year, a maximum of 24 one-time-use vacation points may be purchased per use year, which will not be available for use on a DVC reservation more than seven months in advance (additional guidelines apply). Continue reading for additional information about this change.

The following rules apply under the new policy:
  • As previously stated, a maximum of 24 one-time-use vacation points may be purchased per use year. These points cannot be used on a resort reservation more than seven months in advance;
  • Multiple purchases in the same use year are allowed, even though all transactions combined may not exceed a total of 24 points per use year;
  • Points must be used for booking a Member reservation at the time of payment and not in anticipation of a future reservation;
  • Points cannot be used for a waitlist reservation or retroactively for existing reservations;
  • Points may also be purchased to complete reservations for the Disney Collection or World Collection, according to booking guidelines for each individual collection. They cannot be used for Concierge Collection reservations, but they can be used towards RCI deposits.
The Disney Collection features Disney Resort hotel accommodations at Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. The collection also includes Disney Cruise Line and Adventures by Disney vacations.

As part of the World Collection, Members can choose from thousands of other vacation options in destinations around the world — from the U.S., Canada and Central & South America to Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.

The Concierge Collection is a prestigious portfolio of resorts and hotels hand-selected by Disney Vacation Club. It features a variety of experiences — from a European escape to beautiful beaches to ski slopes near and far. Enjoy unforgettable stays in resort properties such as The Fairmont San Francisco, Hotel del Coronado in California, and The Omni Grove Park Inn in North Carolina.

Additional guidelines that all Disney Vacation Club Members should keep in mind:
  • A Member does not have to have a zero point balance in a contract in order to utilize the one-time-use vacation points purchase program;
  • A Member must have at least one contract that is closed and in good standing in order to purchase one-time-use vacation points.
For more information about the Disney Vacation Club and all its policies, visit disneyvacationclub.com.


  1. These are the same rules I was quoted when I extended my July '15 reservation by a day back last winter. The only change there might be is in relation to being able to use them on the concierge collection.

  2. The really stupid thing is if you need only two or three points to fulfill a reservation at 11 months and you can't rent them, you can only do part of your hoped for vacation. Then wait to the 7 month point and learn you no longer have availability! I really think if you need 5 or less you should not have to wait.

  3. Waiting until the 7 month point ensures that owners still get home resort priority.