The Current Status of Innoventions at Epcot (PHOTOS)

The Innoventions East and West pavilions at Epcot have always showcased futuristic ideas and interesting ways to live a healthier, safer life. Sadly, it looks like we might soon reach a dead end while travelling on this "road to tomorrow."
With the majority of the exhibits now permanently closed, only a handful of the interesting concepts still survive to this day, including Stormstruck, The Sum of All Thrills, and Habit Heroes. What does the future hold for these attractions?

Before talking about possible future plans, let's take a look around Innoventions East:

Rumors point to the possibility of having the Visa meet-and-greet move to the former Vision House in the near future. The Visa meet-and-greet located inside Innoventions West is still open at this time:

Other rumors say that a new exhibit called Colortopia will soon open in this space:

The majority of Innoventions West is walled off. Only a meet-and-greet and some games remain:

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure is no more:

Obviously, Innoventions East should continue to operate for the time being, thanks to the extremely popular Sum of All Thrills attraction and the upcoming new exhibits that are rumored to be opening soon. That said, what will happen to the huge construction zone currently known as Innoventions West?

While the Walt Disney World Resort officially announced that a new experience will open in this space, we do not know the nature of the planned additions. Could this become the new Festival Center, opening up the possibility of opening Inside Out-themed attractions former Wonders of Life building? That is certainly one of the most interesting (and, sadly, less likely) possibilities.

Or, what about having a new, major attraction (maybe a dark-ride) fill the empty space? The building is much larger than it looks, so a Fantasyland-style dark ride could fit inside the current enclosed space.

Of course, this is pure speculation. As far as we know Innoventions West could soon come back with completely new exhibits, or could just be used as yet another venue for seasonal events. We truly hope that the Walt Disney World Resort will wisely use the available space for something worthwhile.

And that is all for now. Be sure to also check out our Innoventions West photo-gallery for pictures of all the exhibits that Epcot Guests could find inside the building before their sudden closure.

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


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  4. I think that both areas need 1 big attraction. It really needs to draw the crowds away from Test track and Soarin. How is the new theatre getting on?


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