New Meeting Area for Tiana and Naveen at Magic Kingdom

Characters from "The Princess and the Frog" movie are now meeting Magic Kingdom Park Guests at Heritage House in Liberty Square until further notice.
The Heritage House location is a former store (which later became a MyMagic+ service center and, subsequently, an indoor seating area) located next to the Hall of Presidents. It is unclear whether the characters will return to their outdoor meet-and-greet area in the future. Stay tuned here on OTPN for more updates.


  1. As a Fastpass Magic Kingdom Cast Member this location was nerver a Service Center it was just a place guests could get Fastpasses Set Up you really should correct the article.

  2. It was a MyMagic+ Service Center for a while:

  3. Wow some people sure are rude aren't they. Great job on constantly keeping us updated OTPN! We appreciate all the work you do.


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