Universal Studios: New "NBC Media Center" Unveiled

All the walls that formerly encircled the Garden of Allah Villas finally came down at Universal Studios Florida, revealing a nice garden, a refreshed facade, an expanded building, and a new, mysterious exhibit called NBC Media Center.
While the Universal Orlando Resort has not made any official announcement regarding this addition, it is now clear that it will be a new location where Guests will soon be able to preview future NBC programs and take surveys afterwards.

Let's take a look around the area:

New palm trees have been planted near the building:

Everything looks great after the refurbishment:

The NBC Media Center:

The garden surrounding the media center looks great:

The globe has yet to return:

The new main entrance of the building:

A peek inside:

This small pathway appeared to lead to the KidZone, but it is actually a dead end (there's a planter with some bushes dividing the KidZone area of the park and the small plaza at the end of this new pathway.

The original entrance of the building was completely enclosed:

Just pretend like there is nothing going on here:

This area was also completely refurbished and plussed:

And that is all for now. Thank you for following us, and see you again real soon.


  1. I just don't get it...Why is this here?
    Also, the exterior theme does not AT ALL match the inside...very weird

  2. yeah, I'm not spending my hard-earned vacation time watching TV shows and taking surveys. I'd just go to the mall instead of flying to Orlando and buying a theme park ticket.

    1. Really? They pay you $20-$30 for 30 minutes of watching tv and answering questions on a touchscreen computer at your mall?

  3. It takes 20-30 minutes (and if it's raining, it's a blessing really) and you get paid to do it. I think we got $15 a person when my family did it and that bought us lunch in the park. It's completely optional and useful.

    1. I did it once. 20 minutes for one age group 45 for other plus its time away from the hot florida sun, time in a/c and 15-25 for doing it. Love it

    2. I did it once. 20 minutes for one age group 45 for other plus its time away from the hot florida sun, time in a/c and 15-25 for doing it. Love it

  4. Also for passholders like myself it's great since I've been on every ride dozens of times so if I miss one I'm not that bothered

  5. I did this on my very first trip to Universal several months ago and thought it was great. I got to see previews for a new TV show, got money that paid for my lunch for the day, and only "wasted" like 20 minutes. Since we got there when the park opened for the day, it was really only a win-win for us. Being in a super fancy space like this would have made it all the better!

  6. For those who state that they don't want to spend their hard-earned money watching TV shows on vacation, believe it or not, all of these "theme" parks are one giant commercial that SELLS their products and we are PAY them out of our own wallets to watch. Pretty smart of them, huh?

  7. Is it really so easy to forget that some people have been to these parks hundreds of times? And even an hour out of their day is not a big deal at all? I don't think this is the best idea for the once-in-a-lifer or even the once-a-year-er, but I think the locals will enjoy the $15.


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