Hollywood Studios Update: A "Frozen" Summer (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report. Be sure to also check our PART 1 of this update by clicking here.
As seen in the previous photos, Walt Disney World Guests do not appear to be bothered by the massive amount of Frozen-themed offerings available in every corner of the park. While we have to admit that hearing the "Let it Go" song for the thousandth time can get tiring, the event certainly attracts a lot of people.

The Streets of America are now even more deserted, just like the "good" old times:

Cinderella's coach was nice, but we are glad it is gone from this location. It didn't fit within New York:

Tomorrowland billboards can still be found in multiple locations of the park. It's a weak movie, sadly:

On the other hand, Inside Out was fantastic, in our opinion:

We never noticed this before, but the hole on the side of the former Studio Tour's facade (caused by the tram that "crashed" into the building) has been filled. It looks quite nice, to tell the truth:

The expansion of Toy Story Mania continues inside this building:

Still too busy:

The new indoor lounge is a nice idea, but it appears to be very poorly executed:

Entering the Animation Courtyard:

Some work is being done on the building housing the Voyage of the Little Mermaid show:

The Magic of Disney Animation is now closed (we will post a tribute in the near future):

The new entrance of Disney Junior - Live on Stage!:

The new meet-and-greet of Doc McStuffins:

The bust of Bill Cosby was recently removed from the Academy of Television Arts & Science:

Sunset Blvd.:

The bottom part of two palm trees were boxed in:

We had never noticed these new signs before:

The rest of the area:

It's time to go:

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  1. Still cannot wait for D23
    Gonna love to see the new plans and name for the park
    hoping that they are going to show how they plan to keep some of the Studio ideas involved (Art, Walt's Story, Disney Junior, etc.)

  2. If history is any indication... I wouldn't hold my breath for a D23 announcement. It just seems like this thing isn't going to ever start, much less be proven what it is.

  3. I am not taking sides, HOWEVER if Dinsey is going to remove Bill Cosby from the parks due to his alleged activities (no criminal charges were filed, and he did settle some lawsuits)... then WHY IS CAPTAIN EO and Michael Jackson still in the park.. in fact its coming back!!! He also was not charged, and settled lawsuits. So being accused of drugging and raping women is bad (and it is definitely bad!), but molesting children isn't as bad?!?!?! (and it is also bad!!!!!!)

    The comparisons are very tight. It is not apples and oranges, its green apples and red apples comparison. Both haven't been charged, both are only allegations, and both used lawyers and large amounts of cash to keep the details quiet. So why aren't BOTH out of the parks.

    Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  4. You are wrong. MJ was tried and found not guilty. Cosby has never gone to trial for his supposed crimes.


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