Hollywood Studios Update: A "Frozen" Summer (PART 1)

The "Frozen" Summer Fun event is in full swing at Disney's Hollywood Studios, offering live shows, cavalcades, and even a second nighttime spectacular.
While not a lot of work is being done around the park at this time (it feels like we have been waiting way too long for the rumored major expansion of this park), a few areas are receiving some attention during the busy summer season. Let's take a look around the park, focusing on the Frozen additions and all the rest:

Welcome to Hollywood Studios:

The side screen returned this year. It is mostly used during the stage shows and the fireworks:

The huge stage in front of the theater:

Frozen merchandise is available everywhere around the park:

The newly-renamed Hyperion Theater received a nice marquee a few weeks ago:

The signs of the Frozen sing-along look much more permanent this time:

Minimal changes have been done around the rest of the building:

The pre-show area now includes footage from the movie:

Inside the theater:

Projection mapping is used on the sides of the theater:

The stage props are much more elaborate in this version of the sing-along:

The actual show has not changed at all. That is a positive news, as it is actually quite entertaining:

After the show:

More merchandise:

The short film entitled "Frozen Fever" plays every 30 minutes right next door:

Moving on:

The former home of the Frozen sing-along is once again just an abandoned (and lonely) warehouse:


  1. According to the show times, the Frozen Sing Along is going to stick around after the "Coolest Summer Ever". Currently show times are posted for ALL shows until the end of Nov. and Frozen has show times up until that point as well. The more permanent look I feel is because Disney is planning on keeping it around for a while. If so little to do in the park, removing it would be a bad move. All the other "Coolest Summer Ever" events are ending on Sept. 7th which is a major disappointment because the Frozen Fireworks is one of, if not, the best fireworks shows I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy in person. They should really keep it around longer. Anything to make the all-but-dead park look a little better in terms of things to do!

  2. Two things:

    1) keep Frozen in the theater and take the stage away in front of the theater. No more hat, no more Frozen stage please.

    2) TAKE FROZEN OUT OF EPCOT! and leave in Hollywood Studios. Thank you.

  3. Looking at the Money shot down the Street and at the Chinese Theater,
    you can hardly see the Stage.
    It is Light Years better than that Hat.
    That Hat was comparable to the Castle Birthday Cake and the EPCOT 2000.
    Just a complete disgrace to the iconic designs of each park and such an EYESORE


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