Magic Kingdom Hub Update: "Partners" Return (PART 1)

While work continues to take place around the hub of the Magic Kingdom Park, some areas that were formerly behind walls are now again open to Guests.
One of these areas is what we call "the heart" of the park's central hub, which includes the iconic "Partners" statue. Many Readers will recall the fact that the statue has been covered for weeks due to construction taking place nearby. The statue is now uncovered, and the surrounding area looks great. Take a look...

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Park:

The expanded sections of the hub that are now open:

The attention to details is remarkable:

The majority of the new lampposts now have hanging baskets with flowers:

The new gardens are very nice:

As stated earlier, the central plaza is now free of walls:

The Partners statue:

New (?) spotlights for the statue:

All four of the new towers are still behind tarps:

The top of the two larger towers can be seen above the tarps:

The east side:

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