Magic Kingdom Hub Update: New Towers Get Their Roofs

Work continues day after day in the central hub of the Magic Kingdom Park. While most of the progress can be seen in the areas that will soon receive new walkways, two of the new castle towers being built just beside Cinderella Castle recently received their themed roofs, which beautifully complement the other towers of the castle. As you will see in the following photos, the new structures are still mostly behind tarps, but it looks like they may be unveiled soon.

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom's hub:

The west towers:

The center of the hub:

The east towers:

The secondary towers are still completely hidden:

Work continues on the west side:

One of the two ramps leading to the entrance of the castle is being completely rebuilt:

We will be back soon:

And that is all for now. Thank you for your support, and see you again real soon!

PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


  1. What is the 3rd picture from the bottom. I've seen a this concrete formation in a few other pictures, and can not figure it out! Thanks for all of the wonderful update pictures - Great Job!

  2. its a doorway that takes you down to the Utilidors.
    Nah, i don't know what it is.

  3. More than likely it's a maintenance service door to allow access since these new gazebos will now be able to dispense drinks in cups rather than being sold in plastic bottles.

  4. More than likely it's a maintenance service door to allow access to drink lines since these new gazebos will now be able to dispense drinks into cups rather than selling them in plastic bottles.

  5. Never seen work go so slow. Thought the hub would be done around Partners by now. Seems like only half of the circle needs to be done. That way only the portion on the westside and eastside(rose garden) would remain. We are going in August and thought for sure most of this would be done. Not so sure.

  6. When is this due for completion, i go in the middle of August would hate to see it like that...

  7. Boy! everything looks sharp! the only thing i´m starting to worry about is how long will the partners statue will remain covered cause i´m planning a trip to MK the next week and i would really like to see it behind tarps. Any thoughts on when will the iconic statue be uncovered?


  8. As of Wednesday, May 10th, the Partners Statue is already uncovered.

    Also, expect the Hub project to be completed by early fall. Of course, everything is subject to change without notice.

  9. Correction to the above: Meant to state June 10th and NOT May 10th.


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