Jurassic Park River Adventure Refurbishment Details

Last month, Jurassic Park River Adventure underwent a substantial revamp to restore its original design and theme with creative direction by the Universal Creative Attractions Show Quality team. To ensure the enhancements remained true to the original concept, the team called on Neil Engel, the Art Director from the 1996 Jurassic Park – The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. The project was realized through the talents of many teams across Universal Orlando.

Some of the highlights of the renovation of this great Islands of Adventure attraction include:
  • a restored Jurassic Park River Adventure marquee sign;
  • refreshed and repainted show scenes;
  • new skins on many dinosaurs;
  • refocused show lighting;
  • converted LED exterior show lights;
  • restored 81-foot drop rockwork;
“As a partner and resource, Universal Creative’s Attraction Show Quality team assisted with collaboration on the original story and design intent with proper documentation, color guides, and on-site art direction. It’s a real testimony to our devotion on preserving our Universal brand while enhancing guest experience” says Eric Hunt, Attractions Show Quality Director.

About The Universal Creative Show Quality Team:
The Universal Creative Attractions Show Quality team was recently formed to evaluate existing attractions at Universal Parks & Resorts worldwide to ensure they have remained true to their original creative visions and stories. Their efforts led to the Jurassic Park River Adventure renovation, but these enhancements are just the beginning. The Attractions Show Quality team is continuously assessing the status of attractions and developing improvement plans to ensure brand integrity and guest experience.

Source: UO Team. All rights reserved.


  1. lol perhaps you should credit the UOnews team for this article that you ripped word for word? http://uoteam.com/UONews150406.pdf

  2. Someone got called out!
    Good detective work Drew.

    In all seriousness, if you are going to do something like this in the future, here's a tip. Start the article off with your own opinion of the refurb and then link to the UOnews article. This is a great site and I admire the work that's put into it but please give credit where credit is due.

  3. As I said before this isn't the only site you can get info from...there are many other ones as well.

  4. This isn't "ripped" from anywhere but the press release that many sites have quoted... I love how both of you have so much righteous indignation but no knowledge of how companies release promotional information.

  5. 2nd Anon is correct. It's not from a written article from a particular author, so there's no one to source.

  6. Righteous indignation huh? Wow... that's pretty heavy. Why don't we give credit to Andy Warren, Debbi Compton, Doug McKee, and Emily Lupfer. The people who worked on the actual publication and article on UOnews. Also on the bottom of the publication it clearly states, "MATERIAL MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED IN ANY FORMAT WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN CONSENT OF UNIVERSAL ORLANDO® RESORT."

    As this site has done in the past, they will give a quick personal synopses with a link to an article or press release. OTPN should stick with that method and not plagiarize. Simple as that. It would be the same as using a newspaper article as your own and not citing the author.

  7. Are you serious?
    I don't care if its from a news article, a press release or the back of a cereal box. The fact I can get a lot of the updates I want from one site is great. the fact that OTPN does this is great. The pics are great. so why don't you all relax and enjoy what here.

  8. Plagiarism is one of the worst accusations that can be made to a news author, so we feel like we should explain what happened in this case.

    Yes, the article is from UO Team, a Team Member publication. While some of the information included there is only for TMs, some articles can be shared with the public, and that's one of them. What wrong in recognizing people behind the scenes that worked hard to refurbish a ride? Is it a no-no to say that the rock work has been repainted? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Also, many sites share things from CM websites, yet nobody challenges them or asks for a source.

    Since UO Team is an OFFICIAL magazine, we deemed it not necessary to mention it. When we post press releases, we do not start by saying that the source is this or that. The same applies to this post. We thought it was obvious that the article came from Universal. We NEVER PLAGIARIZED, and never will.

  9. Drew and Watson, GET A LIFE! Thanks morality police! WHO CARES! It's a press release! Go see a physician, you both need medication!


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