Magic Kingdom Update: More Castle Towers (PART 1)

Magic Kingdom's central hub continues to be the highlight of our photo-updates.
While the rest of the park keeps receiving minor additions every now and then, the hub is the focal point of the park, and is therefore one of the busiest areas (it really needed to be expanded). During our last visit, we noticed that new themed elements are being installed around the hub, including another new castle tower that joins the other two still under construction. Take a look:

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom Park:

Walking down Main Street:

Plenty of Guests were having fun in the hub:

The new FastPass+ viewing areas seemed to be very quiet:

Cinderella Castle:

A temporary tech booth:

The two towers on either side of the Castle Stage have been covered by a themed tarp:

The third tower has been installed near the pathway leading to Liberty Square:

More pathways are being built closer to the castle:

Time to head to other lands:

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