Behind the Cosmetology of Disney's Festival of Fantasy

As the Disney “Festival of Fantasy Parade” at Magic Kingdom Park crosses the one-year anniversary mark, the show’s magic, beauty, and thrills have not faded or subsided. This is thanks to the dedication of Entertainment and Engineering teams both backstage and on, as they plan and put on this tremendous parade every day. The Cosmetology efforts have helped craft some of the many special and dazzling details for this wonderful daytime parade.

Creation of the show’s unique characters--Cha-Cha Girl, Pegasus Girl, Lionfish Girl, Bubble Girl, the Thugs and Highlands Maidens, to name a few--started in the very beginning of the project planning.

Hair and Makeup Designer Wilma Terry helmed the design of all cosmetology looks featured in the Disney “Festival of Fantasy Parade.” Her process began with drawing inspiration in the sketches from costume designer Mirena Rada, and finding realistic ways to bring those images to life through makeup and hair. Wilma then presented her designs to Mirena for her review.

Wilma studied fabric swatches provided by the Costuming team to match makeup color schemes and understand each character. She fused her 35 years of experience with extensive research and product knowledge to create the parade’s looks.

After choosing a range of products, Wilma tested them on performers and called in costume designers to approve. With these dynamic characters, the magic is definitely in the details. “I tried to capture the expression of the performers’ faces with glitter,” she said. “The sun catches those sparkly details.”

After one year of the Disney “Festival of Fantasy Parade,” the makeup looks have evolved as products change or different colors become easier to procure. But the original inspiration remains.

“Bringing a character or parade to life and seeing its effect on the children, that makes it all worth it,” Wilma said. “It’s a ‘wow’ moment, keeping Walt’s legacy alive and making a difference in Guests’ lives.”

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