Magic Kingdom Hub update: "Concrete" Progress (PART 1)

The expansion of Magic Kingdom's central hub is now in full swing. While some of the new sections of the central plaza are scheduled to open in the next few months, more walls have begun going up around the famous "Partners" statue and the stage, right in front of stage where the Dream Along with Mickey show takes place daily (and which will go on hiatus very soon due to this project). Come and join us as we take a quick look around the area:

First of all, walls have gone up in front of the planter seen at the very entrance of the park:

It looks like minor work is being done on the wall:

Continuing walking through Town Square, we noticed that a section of the Main Street U.S.A. facades is once again behind tarps. This section of the park is rarely tarp-free these days!:

Walking toward hub:

We will start by taking a look at the west side of the central plaza:

Notice the circular bases:

More concrete was recently poured in the area:

Many new light poles waiting to be installed:

The moat:

The rest of the west side:

New railings can be seen in the next photo. Can you spot them?:

Here you are a couple more photos of the new railings, which also include a quick look at the base of one of the new fountains (multiple water features will help to improve the look of this expanded area):

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