Welcome to the second part of this new Magic Kingdom central hub construction update! Be sure to check out PART 1 before proceeding any further.
In the previous installment of this photo-report, we took a look around the entrance of the park, Town Square, and the west side of the central hub, where new fountains and other details are now visible. Let us continue to walk around the area, focusing especially on the center and the east side of the hub:

A few more photos of the west side of the hub:

The heart of the hub:

Notice how the "Partners" statue is completely enclosed in a box, probably to protect it from possible debris and the machinery that will be used in the area:

Work has not started in this area yet:

Temporary structures (used for lighting necessary during shows) have been erected on both side of the hub as the old structures get demolished to make way for new castle towers:

The east side has seen a lot of progress since our last visit:

Another fountain takes shape:

Notice the details on the new poles:

The faux bridge:

Work on the landscape continues as well:

Time to leave.

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.


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