Magic Kingdom Hub update: "Concrete" Progress (PART 2)

Welcome to the second part of this new Magic Kingdom central hub construction update! Be sure to check out PART 1 before proceeding any further.
In the previous installment of this photo-report, we took a look around the entrance of the park, Town Square, and the west side of the central hub, where new fountains and other details are now visible. Let us continue to walk around the area, focusing especially on the center and the east side of the hub:

A few more photos of the west side of the hub:

The heart of the hub:

Notice how the "Partners" statue is completely enclosed in a box, probably to protect it from possible debris and the machinery that will be used in the area:

Work has not started in this area yet:

Temporary structures (used for lighting necessary during shows) have been erected on both side of the hub as the old structures get demolished to make way for new castle towers:

The east side has seen a lot of progress since our last visit:

Another fountain takes shape:

Notice the details on the new poles:

The faux bridge:

Work on the landscape continues as well:

Time to leave.

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Team Member and Photographer.



  1. Great hub update! Thanks! I think it's going to look beautiful especially at night lit up with the fountains.

  2. When is the hub expected to be finished?

  3. Really can't wait for all these walls to come down. We will not be visiting until the construction area is returned to a theme park. Seems as if all of WDW is under construction and is taking a long, long time to complete. It would be nice if Disney offered a discount to compensate for all the upheaval.

  4.'ll not return unless they stop adding/refurbing anything in the parks?? I sure hope they don't get that message.

  5. Updating the park is great, but they seem to be taking so long to do it. How long has this construction bring going on for now, and it doesn't seem any closer to completion. the amount of construction going on all over the parks makes it look terrible too, it really should have been staggered and they obviously need twice the amount of workmen they have working on these projects to get them finished Asap.

  6. Its hard to do construction out in the middle of a park that is open 24/7. And I mean literally right in the middle. I don't really think of this as a problem in terms of that. I wish there were more trees and water, but that's a seperate discussion.
    And also, DAK's work is continuing at an amazing pace. Sure, you think not because the big guns like Avland and RoL are slower, but all the middle things are doing great.
    The only slow thing that is bothering me is waiting for DHS to pick up, but they technically haven't started yet.

  7. I'm actually far more interested in the Main Street bypass than the hub. Hoping it's exceptionally themed like the rest of MSUSA

  8. I wonder if those new fountains will somehow be integrated into the nighttime shows?

  9. As for a discount, there is one right now! And by that I mean expect park prices to continue to increase each year, so yes it is cheaper now than it will be next year. There's your discount! ;-)

  10. Sure is a discount right now, it's the free dining plan coupled with about a third the people in the parks versus the holidays. I guess I'll get what I paid for. ;)

  11. I am glad I left before they blocked off some of the rest of the hub and the partner statue. MK overall is still pretty open. It was nice to see 7DMT finally open. I am however not a fan of the ride.

  12. If you look at the pictures there isn't any workers in any of them so they are doing the work when the park is closed and in the dark so they got a limited window to work each day. It supposed to be finished in the summer time.

  13. I'm going in September of this year. We're bringing a family that has never been to wdw so I hope at least some of this is completed. Looking at some of the pictures, has anyone had issues of the castle viewing at the magic kingdom fireworks dessert party?

  14. The dessert party viewing area is not the best for the fireworks by far. The main upside is having seating.

  15. well I See thay put up a wall infront of the castle well i certainly gonna take advantage of it wen i film the Shows at the castle they will be blocking Daddy's who put thrir Kids on their shoulders


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