Exclusive! AVATAR Land Starts Going Vertical (Photos)

Pandora: The World of AVATAR is finally going vertical. After months of moving dirt, placing markers, and pouring concrete, we can finally officially say that the very first steel beam was installed in this future themed area, which is expected to open at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park by the end of 2017. The beam was signed by countless Cast Members that are currently working in various locations around the park. Take a look at these photos:

First of all, here you are some pictures showing the steel beam being signed by some Cast Members:

The installation of the very first beam:

And now, here you are an exclusive photo of the construction area:

The photo reveals that a large building (possibly housing a Soarin'-type ride) has also gone vertical:

Finally we have some concrete information about this project, which continues to be quite mysterious due to the lack of details about its two major attractions and the dining locations that will be included. Stay tuned as we continue to monitor the work being done around Disney's Animal Kingdom.

PHOTOS: ©2014 Disney. All Rights Reserved. Not taken by Orlando Theme Park News.


  1. Has any updated plans been rumored? or is still a 2(ithink) attraction area? Either way if done right this land is going to be beautiful. I hope the push the limits and develop something out of this world

  2. So excited that the magic has started. Maybe since they spent so much time planning, the construction will go quick??? I hope!

  3. Doesn't appear to be ready for FP yet.

  4. I can't believe that It's taken 11 months to just get this far.

  5. "Horizontal" construction -- preparing the terrain, pouring building foundations, placing down the electrical, water, telephone and other utilities -- needs to be done before "vertical" construction can begin, and that indeed does take a long time to do.

  6. Just not excited about another simulator ride. Come on Disney, you're letting Universal pass you by.

  7. Oh boy. They announced the project three years ago and finally the first steel beam goes up.

    Congratulations... I guess?


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