Updated Brochure Given When Purchasing MagicBands

The process to link a MagicBand via the My Disney Experience site (or app) was recently updated. For this reason, the Guest brochure given with each MagicBand purchase is being reprinted in English and the five (5) standard foreign languages to reflect this update. The new brochures are printed with a brighter green. These new brochures will start to be handed out from Friday, December 19. Continue reading to see a sample of this new pamphlet.

Please, note that this is just the outer cover of the new brochure, as it is still not available to the public:

These brochures will continue to have language flag on front panel and language listed on back panel before the date (see example above). Locations that will have these new brochures include Theme Park Guest Relations, Main Entrance Vacation Planning, and all Merchandise stores that sell MagicBands.

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  1. Wouldn't it be safer just to carry the card and not use the magic band if you have a pacemaker?


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