Downtown Disney Update: The Landing Expands (PART 1)

Many new areas opened to the public in the past few weeks in the Downtown Disney area. Among them, we find the new Exposition Park (which was also featured in one of our latest articles), the first section of The Landings (where we mostly find empty buildings at the moment), the Waterfront Park, the new Inspiration Park near the LEGO Imagination Center and - of course -  the new parking garage. Let's now check out the entire area together:

Let's begin with a look around the parking garage:

A look inside:


Each floor is identified using a different color and numbers:

As you can see, the lights above the parking spaces will - in the near future - help Guests find empty spaces more quickly. The light are currently still not working, but they should start operating soon:

We even see an orange light in this photo:

Blue lights will designate spots for people with disabilities or reserved spaces:

Work continues behind the garage:

The future walkways that will connect the parking garage to the West Side:

In the West Side, it looks like a new backstage facility is being built behind the AMC Theaters:

A secondary entrance/exit for the parking garage:

Let's now start walking around the West Side:

Work continues on the elevated tracks:

Moving along:

Exposition park (you can learn more about this new space by clicking here):

The plants hanging from the elevated walkway look great:

Work continues around Planet Hollywood:

Behind the walls:


  1. What is the point of them walkways?

  2. There are intended to be line the High Line in New York City ( which are abandon elevated train tracks that have been turned into open space. In Disney Springs they act as shade structures. The one by the food truck area was also supposed to have a sitting area on top, which was shown in the concept art, but I have heard that this seating has been eliminated.


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