Hollywood Studios Update: Meet Baymax (PART 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of our newest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report. As usual, we invite you to check out PART 2 before proceeding.
In the previous parts of this large update we checked out a large part of the park, but there are still a few areas that we need to visit. One of them is the Animation Courtyard, which also includes the great Big Hero 6 meet-and-greet. While we have personally not seen the movie yet, we are sure it will be a hit:

The Muppets area:

New interactive element still unused:

Star Tours:

Echo Lake:

A total of two empty buildings can be found in this area:

Back to the center of the park:

The Hollywood Tower Hotel looking over Sunset Boulevard:

Animation Courtyard:

Big Hero 6 banners and signs everywhere:

A look inside The Magic of Disney Animation:

Updated map featuring the new Big Hero 6 meet-and-greet:

A very sparse exhibit themed after the movie:

Upcoming movies:

The Big Hero 6 meet-and-greet. As we stated before, it is really nice:

Baymax (the white robot) is a fantastic character:

...and he can blink, of course!:


The meet-and-greet area and props:

Make sure to stop by and say hello!:

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  1. What on earth are Disney playing at ? Your photo journal has identified a number of poor displays and scrappy looking areas. I understand that there's redevelopment in progress but to leave the former backlot tour in such visible disarray is depressingly bad. The quickly cobbled together Frozen attraction is, as you say, very small and disappointing. We've been visiting WDW and Disneyland regularly since the mid 1990s and I can't ever recall seeing such scruffy scenes and poorly developed attractions ( albeit temporary ones). There has always been redevelopment in the Parks, maybe not on such a big scale as recently, but it has always been done and carried out with thought and consideration. So what's changed ?

  2. There is no comparison to Disney and Universal. Disney exists by name only. They are drawn by nostalgia and characters, not substance and quality.

  3. Pretty sure attendance numbers will refute that logic there...

  4. Wow that park is in a sad state, and worst of it, no crane on site, no work being done.
    What are all those people doing there? So sad!

  5. Osborn Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights, Star Tours, Muppet Vision 3D, The Great Movie Ride, Rockin' Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Toy Story, not to mention the live shows. Yes the park is a shell of what its been, but it still has things to do, and very enjoyable things to do. While I agree that Uni does do a lot of their work faster, a lot of the things they've been doing have been outside of guest areas entirely, where as Hub rework, the Mine Train, and others are all smack dab in the middle of the busiest parks in the world, which slows progress as guest safety is more important that having a project completed 3 weeks sooner.....I'd rather them take the time to develop better rides/experiences then rush to get digital screens along a hanging roller coaster.


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