Hollywood Studios Update: Meet Baymax (PART 2)

Here we are on PART 2 of this latest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-report. Remember to check out PART 1 before proceeding any further.
In the previous part of this update, we visited Hollywood Boulevard (which included a quick look at the new Starbucks location, still under construction), the central plaza of the park, Mickey Avenue, Pixar Place, and more. Let us now continue our tour of the park, as there's much more to see:

Moving on:

The former location of the Studio Backlot Tour:

The tram crashed into the building has been removed:

Most of the props in the queue area are still there:

Many of the props formerly seen during the ride part of the attraction are also still in place:

The new location for the Frozen-related offerings:

Wandering Oaken's Trading Post is nicely themed:

The Snowground ..not so much:

It's not as big as it looks:

The line is huge, though:

Sweet Treat Bar:

Getting ready for a Frozen-related upcharge event:

The Streets of America:

Even more Frozen-palooza:

Never, ever buy pizza here. You have been warned!:


  1. why should I not eat at Pizza Planet?

  2. If Pizza Planet is as bad as Disneyland's Red Rocket Pizza Port Disney really needs to rethink some of there recipes. Hot Dogs at DLR=DONT EAT THEM FOR YOUR OWN GOOD I BEG OF YOU! They are really bad.

  3. I've eaten at Pizza Planet several times, it's not gourmet but it serves a decent pizza and there's never a long wait.

  4. Does anyone know if Comedy Warehouse is coming back to Hollywood Studios this Christmas?


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