Hollywood Studios Update: Meet Baymax (PART 1)

Hello everyone, and welcome to our latest Disney's Hollywood Studios photo-update! As you will notice, the park has lost a lot of (minor) attraction, and currently offers very little to Guests. That said, things will soon change, as the park gets ready to undergo a major, multi-year expansion that should (hopefully) bring plenty of new, quality attractions to the near-empty lands of this park. In the meantime, let's take a look around and see what's new:

Just a few more months, and this view will change. We can't wait!:

Some minor work is being done in the backstage area next to Hollywood Boulevard:

Strolling along this great main street:

Work on the future Starbucks location continues:

A new sign will soon be installed in this space:

A few photos of the hat:

It should have never been installed here in the first place, according to many:

The beautiful Chinese Theater:

Wandering Oaken's Trading Post replacing the Studio Backlot Tour on a nearby sign:

Mickey Avenue:

All references to the former Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow exhibit are gone:

Nothing is left:

Seating area:

The sign and the paintings on the building are gone:

Entering Pixar Studios:

For the first time in two years, we were able to find FastPass+ selections for Toy Story Mania! the day before our planned visit. That was quite the achievement in our minds.

The ride expansion is definitely needed:

By the way, there are major issues with the single rider system they are using in this attraction. It is absolutely ridiculous, but we need to talk about this in a separate article.

A newer, interactive prop:

Back outside:

This sign doesn't bother us as much now, because they are finally actually doing something there: