Epcot Update: Exploring World Showcase (PART 1)

World Showcase is a wonderful place where we can enjoy the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells that are usually only found in faraway countries and lands. This special themed area, located inside Epcot, has received very few additions since opening back in 1982. While plenty of new restaurants and ride refurbishments have taken place in the past thirty years, only three countries have been added. Let's take a look around the existing countries while we wait for new additions:

Let's start with the beautiful Canada, which will soon have to say goodbye to Off-Kilter:

The United Kingdom:

The slow season is truly a great time to take photos of the pavilions:

The Winnie the Pooh meet-and-greet is supposed to be solely a FastPass+ offering:

That being said, it doesn't look like they are enforcing that:



The new Spice Road Table Restaurant still struggles to attract Guests:

Menus are now placed on both ends of the restaurant:

The rest of the pavilion:

We will soon have to say goodbye to Mo Rockin' as well:


Only Matsuriza survived the recent wave of entertainment cuts:

This small snack location now has a new, themed menu board:

The American Gardens Theater sit silent until the beginning of the Food & Wine Festival:

We had never noticed this merchandise cart before:

The American Adventure is still our favorite attraction/show at Epcot. It's seriously amazing:

A portion of the balcony on the second floor continues to be closed to the public:

This is very unusual: