Disney World's New Laundry Facility: Construction Update

Site work continues on the fourth laundry of Walt Disney World's Textile Services. The new state-of-the-art facility, located off Victory Way, adjacent to the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex, is anticipated to be operational in spring 2015. Four tons of timber was harvested when clearing the site and over 40,000 gallons of water is pumped each day to shift to ponds and waterways. When the site is complete, the team will have moved over 70,000 cubic feet of soil.

The following list includes a few updates in regards to the construction currently taking place in the area:
  • The connecting bridge for the road that leads from Victory Way to the construction site is well underway. Some of our equipment will be the first to use this road. The open space will allow water to flow naturally.
  • Pipes for the building's fire suppression system are in place.
  • The first slab pour is being prepared. After years of design and months of site prep, we are about to get a building very soon.
  • Brackets are in position to support the tilt walls. Roof trusses will then further support the brackets and tilt walls.
  • Reinforcing bars (rebar) have been placed in the completed concrete wall forms. Rebar strengthens the concrete, making it safer to lift and more durable once in place.
To conclude, here you are some recent photos taken around the construction area, from a few weeks ago:

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  1. Laundry makes The World go 'round that's for sure!

    One note: beware of big numbers. The details are in the units. 70k cubic FEET is only about 2600 cubic yards. That's about 700 yards shy of a a spec olympic pool. Sounds like a lot, and compared to a typical house basement it is - but depending on what that yardage entailed, it could be just a few hours work.

    Cubic yards is the normal civil construction (the dirt world) unit. :)

  2. No updates for almost 3 days? Perhaps we're spoiled but I need my OTPN fix!! ;-)

  3. Somebody feed the hamster!


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