More Universal Rumors: "Disaster!" May Leave Us Soon

Our mysterious Reader is back with some more interesting information about the future of the Universal Orlando Resort. As you will remember, just a few days ago, that same source shared with us some interesting rumors (and confirmations about rumors that were shared previously by other sites) regarding Universal Studios Florida. Just yesterday, he returned with some tidbits about the future of "DISASTER - A Major Motion Picture Ride... Starring YOU!" and more:

Let's start with the information about DISASTER, a very underrated attraction located in the San Francisco area of Universal Studios Florida. We have been hearing many rumors about the closure of this attraction. We are not entirely sure of who actually introduced this news to the web, but we can assure you that we are note the first to report the possibility of the replacement of this attraction. Here's what our Reader told us:
I've heard more from other techs that Twister and now DISASTER are definitely leaving town for good. Only thing is no one seems to know what's replacing either of these attractions.
It's true, this is a very vague statement, but our Reader also added something more to that message that we cannot post per his request. What he told us, though, definitely adds to his credibility. We also appreciate the fact that he just seems to report what he hears, without adding anything. Could Fast & Furious be coming to Florida? Or, could the attraction receive yet another major refurbishment, completely changing once again the storyline? We will have to wait and see how this story develops.

Now, let's move to the other park, Islands of Adventure. As you know, the park recently hosted a special, after-hour event that involved fireworks. One of our Readers, Troy, confirmed this:
The barges that you have been reporting about weeks ago had to have been used Saturday night for a convention called "Ride On." I did not go to the convention, but I saw the fireworks [from] CityWalk that night and even have a few photos!
Multiple sources (including the well-informed Screamscape) stated many times that a nighttime show will NOT be coming to Islands of Adventure for many multiple reasons. That said, our Reader has something to add to this subject. Take a look, and take everything with a grain of salt.
Two nights ago they were testing the fireworks out for the VIP event last night. I overheard 2 techs talking about it. The one said that "since we are going to have fireworks now at IOA I don't know what's going to happen..." Unfortunately they both walked away and I didn't hear the rest. It sounded like universal might add a show after all. Maybe they killed 2 birds with one stone by putting on a fireworks display for a paying group, but also tested out their options. It's a perfect guise if you ask me. 
As you can see, our source did not specifically say that a new nighttime show is coming for sure, but that could still be a possibility. Of course, the workers could have been referring to the fact that Islands of Adventure may, from now on, also offer firework shows for VIP members and park-buyouts.

What do you think? Feel free to let us know your opinions about these subjects. Oh, and remember: these are only RUMORS, and we still no NOT know how reliable this source is. That said, we would like to take a minute to thank our Anonymous Reader for sharing these interesting info with us. We have not been able to contact back that person, but we definitely appreciate his taking the time to contact us.


  1. I can agree with Twister but DISASTER only opened 6 years ago but like twister it is quite a boring ride. The video at the end was good and funny.

    1. It didn't open six years ago. It used to be called Earthquake and was basically the same ride.

  2. I truly enjoy both of these attractions, as they are some of the only remaining "behind-the-scenes" attractions at USO. If they had to get rid of one I would say Twister. Disaster is quite fine and the refurb made it better and more memorable.

  3. As Callie said, Disaster is one of the "how we make movies" that remain. Universal is going away from that concept and it's logical it leaves. Twister is a one trick pony. I my eyes both ride are still worth a ride and they first should kill of the horrible Fear Factor show before anything else.


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