Rumors, rumors... you have to love them! That the Universal Orlando Resort is going to receive more new additions in the next few months is nothing surprising, as all Universal Parks & Resorts around the world have flourished since the acquisition of NBCUniversal by Comcast (that was a happy day indeed!). That said, we are always looking for more specific information about what is coming in the next few years to the parks in our backyard, and today we have a few rumors to share with you.

First of all, if you are keeping up with the various theme-park-focused forums that can be found around the web, you will know that quite a few people are not really happy to have attractions like Twister still existing at such world-class theme parks (we are not among them, as we like Twister. That said, we would not mind if it was replaced by something better). Well, it looks like they will not have to keep complaining about that attraction for too long, as one of our Readers (which will remain Anonymous) just shared this rumor with us:

"I am a current Team Member at UO [i.e. the Universal Orlando Resort], and I've heard from several unnamed sources that Twister will be closing by the beginning of next year. To reconfirm, today in passing I overheard 2 Team Members talking, the one said that "some or all the Team Members in Twister have been notified they would be moved elsewhere." I wish I knew what was replacing it, but I'm just glad Universal is getting rid of that mess of an attraction."

In addition to that, you will remember that the folks over at Parkscope have stated multiple times that the majority of Woody Woodpecker's KidZone - located at Universal Studios Florida - was rumored to be closing soon to be completely replaced. That same Reader shared yet another rumor, which also contributes in strengthening the possibility of seeing work starting in that area very soon:

"As a side note, my sources also confirmed with me that KidZone in the next year to year and a half will be totally replaced. Like flattened to the ground and something totally new would be built. So none of this remodeling existing attractions non-sense. I will keep in touch if I hear anything else."

As a reminder, all of these are just RUMORS, and should be treated as such until the Universal Orlando Resort makes an official announcement. That said, we invite all our Readers to share their thoughts about them.

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