I-Drive 360 Update: Gorgeous Green Spaces (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of this latest I-Drive 360 photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers. Click on this link to go back to PART 1 of this update.
In part 1, we started to check out the Orlando Eye, the parking garage, some of the restaurants and shops that will be opening soon, and more. Now, let us concentrate on the natural side of this area, which is surely going to be appreciated by all who will visit the area. After that, we'll visit nearby businesses:

Gorgeous areas for both people and vehicles:

A look at the new sign located by the main entrance of I-Drive 360:

On a related note, nearby businesses are also receiving some updates to prepare for the grand opening of I-Drive 360, which is scheduled to take place early next year (the official date has not been announced yet):

One of them is Sleuth's Mystery Dinner Show, which now has a completely different exterior color scheme:

More stores should open in this area in the future:

Another new, massive shop will open soon nearby:

A quick look at other attractions located around International Drive that will be seen from the Orlando Eye:

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PHOTOS BY: Alex, Official Orlando Theme Park News Photographer and Team Member.



  1. It looks gorgeous !!
    Beautiful pictures. Thank you.
    Matthew from the Netherlands


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