I-Drive 360 Update: Gorgeous Green Spaces (PART 1)

The future I-Drive 360 is really looking wonderful. This new entertainment, shopping, and dining area will be much more than just another tourist attraction. It will include museums, themed exhibits, and observation wheel, quick-service and table-service restaurants, retail experiences, beautiful landscaping, fountains, and many other offerings. We are definitely excited to welcome all these new businesses in the area. Let us now take a few minutes to check out the current status of the work:

First of all, let's enjoy some views of the Orlando Eye, which has finally received a piece of the wheel itself:

The terminal area:

New colored banners have been installed on the sides of the parking garage, They look great:

The banners are not present on all four sides, though:

Two new restaurants recently opened in the area:

Other venues will soon follow:

Check out these small bridges:

Truly a beautiful area: