Universal Rumors: Nighttime Shows & Blockout Dates

The Universal Orlando Resort is continuously expanding and evolving, so it is expected to hear many different rumors about what we could see coming to the parks in the near future. This evening we have two important rumors to share with you. One of them may affect directly Universal's Islands of Adventure, while the other one may affect Universal Studios Florida. Of course, make sure to note that these are only rumors that have not been confirmed by the Universal Orlando Resort.

First of all, we may soon see some real work taking place in the central lagoon of Islands of Adventure. We are sure that many of our Readers remember how many rumors came out some months ago when we saw some buoys floating in the lagoon. Those rumors pointed out to a possible new nighttime show that could make its way to the park in 2015. After a while, the excitement seemed to die down a bit, but what we saw today actually sparked again our interesting in what could yet another amazing project by the Universal Orlando Resort.

As you can see from the following photos (taken from our official Twitter page), a large barge was seen earlier this evening floating around the lagoon. Team Members were seen touching and examining the buoys:

We are not sure of the nature of this, but it is evident that something will definitely happen very soon in this specific area of the park. Seemingly unrelated rumors also point to a complete overhaul of Universal's Cinematic Spectacular, which performs most nights at the neighboring Universal Studios Florida. May they be looking into the possibility of having two nighttime shows at Universal Orlando for the Resort's 25th anniversary?

The second (and, possibly, less important) rumor will interest current Universal Orlando Annual Passholders that own a Power Pass. In fact, those who bought that annual pass are currently blocked out from visiting Universal Studios Florida until August 14, 2014 (click here to view the official blockout dates calendar).

That said, an Islands of Adventure Team Member specifically mentioned to us earlier today that Universal is working on removing the remaining Power Pass blockout dates for the rest of the summer. They may be willing to remove them as early as August 1, 2014 (that's two additional weeks to enjoy both parks).

Of course, this is just another rumor coming from a front-line Team Member (usually not the best sources for theme park rumors), but we thought we would report it because that particular person works at the entrance of the new Hogwarts Express scanning tickets, and therefore he should be more knowledgeable about tickets and other admission media. 

As always, continue to stay tuned here on Orlando Theme Park News for additional information.


  1. Wow this resort is really upping their game, good for them, hopefully IOA show will better than Universal Studios


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