Magic Kingdom Update: Tomorrowland Rehabs (PART 1)

Work on the central hub on the Magic Kingdom Park continues. This major project is definitely going to be a great change, as the park feels really crowded in that particular area (and in a few others as well...). That said, this is not the only project going on at the park. Two of the attractions of Tomorrowland are currently down for rehab, and some facade in Adventureland are still behind tarps as they continue to receive some work. Let's take a look around the park together:

Main Street U.S.A.:

Let's focus on the areas that are actually being worked on:

behind the walls:

The view from the opposite side of the hub:

Some ducks were floating along with... this mess:


Long lines to get a Dole Whip:

We love the Caribbean theme of this land:

Work on this section of the Adventureland facade is done:

More work continues to be done nearby: