Islands of Adventure Update: Poseidon's Paint (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of our newest Islands of Adventure photo-report, Orlando Theme Park News Readers! PART 1 of this update can be found right here.
In part 1, we enjoyed taking a look around the Port of Entry, Marvel Superhero Island, Toon lagoon, and the entrance of Jurassic Park. Now, let's continue to take a look around this wonderful theme park. There is still a lot to see (and do) around here, including the Lost Continent and the colorful Seuss Landing:

From another angle:

A look around the rest of Jurassic Park:

What a beautiful view, isn't it?:

Entering the Lost Continent:

The feet of the statue of Poseidon have been repainted:

They look great now:

A brief look around Seuss Landing:

We rarely see this street so empty:

A new Lorax dark ride was rumored to be coming to the area behind the spinner:

Right outside the park, work continues on the new Cabana Bay Beach Resort pathway:

The elevated walkway:

Meanwhile, it looks like work on hotel number 5 has just started. Who knows...

And that is all for now. Before concluding, remember to like us on our official Facebook page and follow us on Twitter for live updates from the parks. Thank you very much for your support, and see you again real soon!


  1. If you don't mind sharing - what are the rumors about Marvel Superhero Island, and Toon Lagoon?? Haven't heard!

  2. Toon Lagoon will become Middle Earth
    from Lord of the Rings. Marvel will become DC Island due to Disney holding the rights to Marvel. Spiderman becomes the Dark Knight, Hulk becomes Superman, and Storm Force Accelatron becomes a Lex Luthor theme and Dr. Dooms Fearfall either Joker or Scarecrow themed ride.

  3. Where are these rumours coming from?

  4. Six Flags has D.C rights so that rumor would shake up the whole industry!

  5. That rumor is false. The contract between Universal and Marvel has no expiration date, meaning they own the rights to Marvel as long as they stay in business. Disney, though they own Marvel now, cannot build attractions based on those characters.

  6. A little birdie in the park told me.


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