Islands of Adventure Update: Poseidon's Paint (PART 1)

Lots of rumors are going around in the theme park fan community, and a few of the newest ones include Islands of Adventure. In fact, in addition to the new (and still not officially announced) King Kong themed area, it looks like we might see something new coming to Marvel Superhero Island and the Lost Continent in the future. We are still very skeptic about anything being added to the Marvel area, but - as we have learned - anything is possible with Comcast. Let's now walk around the park:

The beautiful Port of Entry:

The main wait time board is now working again. It was about time!:

Marvel Superhero Island:

What would you like to see added (or replaced) in this area?:

One thing is sure: The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man needs to stay:

Heading to Toon Lagoon:

This is another area that is rumored to be undergoing some major changes in the not-so-distant future:

Find the differences:

The Jurassic Park arch on the Toon Lagoon side was partially removed in the past few hours (see a photo of the current look of this arch by clicking on this link). We missed this major event by a few hours:

The arch is supposedly being moved closer to the Thunder Falls restaurant due to the fact that this will soon become the entrance to the new King Kong land. EDIT -  Here's a photo of the arch taken earlier today:

By the way, here you are some photos of the future King Kong area:

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