Discovering Florida: Treasure Island Beach (PART 1)

Florida has so much more than just theme parks. Now, you can definitely be certain that our passion for the theme parks and attractions that are found here in Central Florida has not faded, but there's so much more that makes us love the Sunshine State. In fact, for example, Florida offers a lot of beautiful diversions and places that celebrate and focus on nature, including the miles and miles of white, sandy beaches that encircle the entire state.

Today we are going to share with you some of the pictures we took some time ago during our trip to Treasure Island, a beautiful area located south of Clearwater. We hope you will enjoy the sights and colors seen in this amazing place:

It was a wonderful day in the middle of October. The water temperature was about 86 degrees. Amazing:

Beautiful water:

The sand is full of shells:

Many different birds and animal populate the area:






...and many more. They all call this "home":

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