Discovering Florida: Treasure Island Beach (PART 2)

Welcome to PART 2 of this special Treasure Island photo-gallery (PART 1 can be found HERE).

Let's continue to enjoy the views offered by this fantastic natural environment:

The sun is slowly setting over Treasure Island's beach:

...and things just keep getting better:

Take a look at the colors, and imagine a gentle breeze coming your wave, while the waves make a relaxing sound:

And then... well, then there's one of the most beautiful shows on earth: the sunset:

Truly. Amazing.

And then, the night falls:

See you again soon, Treasure Island!:

We really hope you enjoyed our virtual Treasure Island tour (especially since now many of our Readers may be dealing with snow and cold up north!), and we also really hope this sparked some interest in you to visit this and other magnificent places that contribute in making Florida one of the most beautiful and amazing places one earth. Thank you again for reading.

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