Islands of Adventure News: JP Games Open (PART 3)

Welcome to PART 3 of this Islands of Adventure update (PART 2 can be found HERE).

Here you are a few more photos of the future train station located inside the park:

Jurassic Park:

According to some rumors by HateToFly, the Triceratops Audio-Animatronics formerly located inside the Triceratops Discovery Trail attraction have all been removed and will be soon relocated elsewhere:

These wooden walls look so sad:

The new Jurassic Park midway games don't look too bad:

Some of them are actually pretty well-themed:

This is the most interesting one, no doubt:

The Guest has to choose three different eggs, and then scan only one of them. The egg that is chosen then gets scanned. The bigger the dinosaur inside the egg, the bigger the prize the Guest receives:

Moving on:

A few more utility flags around the Jurassic Park area:

Cabana Bay:

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