Islands of Adventure News: JP Games Open (PART 4)

Welcome to PART 4 of this Islands of Adventure update (PART 3 can be found HERE).

We'll now spend some time taking a look around one of our favorite islands of the park - Toon Lagoon:

Still one of the best water rides on earth:

How can anyone not love Florida's gorgeous sky?:

Minor work being done near one of the area's stores:

This palm tree is still in need of... support:

We hope these games will be removed soon:

Guests were being asked to take a survey after visiting Toon Lagoon. Not a good sign:

Marvel Superhero Island:

The car of the Fantastic 4 is still missing:

That should be all for now. Thank you very much for reading, and have a great rest of your day!


  1. Great update as always.

  2. Amazing update!
    Only one complain/question: Why do you add close ups of construction workers? I understand people get into the pictures but the on of the construction worker doesn't show anything of what is being build. You do that at many posts and I think it's kind of rude and not respectful for that persons privacy. They are not theme park employee or character who know they are photographed.

  3. Was the survey asking park-goers their opinion of Toon Lagoon? I hope they don't change the theming of that area.

  4. I hope with the Toon Lagoon surveys that people mention the under use of the theater in that area of the park. The park needs another good live show unless Universal intends to remove the theater and replace it with a new attraction.


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