Islands of Adventure News: JP Games Ready (PART 1)

Hello everyone, and welcome to the latest Islands of Adventure photo-report brought to you by the Orlando Theme Park News Team! Let's take a look around the park to check on some of the ongoing projects:

Here we go:

Sign still missing:

Work on the new Starbucks location continues:

Let's continue our tour by taking a look around the Marvel Superhero Island:

Only a five-minute wait for The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man!:

Yep. this is great:

Some more wait times:

Surprisingly, Poseidon's Fury had one of the longest wait times of the day (behind Pteranodon Flyers)!:

Entering Toon Lagoon:

We wonder if these midway games will be removed after the new ones open in Jurassic Park:

Enjoy some more miscellaneous photos taken around Toon Lagoon (which should be leaving in the next few years according to many rumors. That make us really sad, as we love this area):

We finally reached Jurassic World Jurassic Park:

The new midway games: