Discovering Florida: Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo (PART 6)

Welcome to PART 6 of this Lowry Park Zoo photo-gallery (PART 5 can be found HERE).

Enjoy some photos of the gigantic fruit bats that the park proudly displays in the Wallaroo Station area:

The Wallaby Walkabout (not to be mistaken for the Walkabout Way exhibit at Busch Gardens Tampa):

The wallabies looked quite bored:

Oh, and there was also a rooster nearby:

Leaving the Land of Oz...

The nearby Sweet Shoppe was open:

Moving over to the Florida-themed section of the park:

The Gator Falls ride looked nice, and it was even themed in certain areas:


Can you see the wolf?:

There he is!:


A gorgeous Florida panther:


The Manatee Encounter exhibit:

The manatee hospital:

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