Discovering Florida: Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo (PART 5)

Welcome to PART 5 of this Lowry Park Zoo photo-gallery (PART 4 can be found HERE).

Time to check out the kiddie area of the park, known as Wallaroo Station:

The area has a small water play area:

The Grab & Grog...

The park also has an abandoned skyway. it would have been great to ride it, as we love skyways:


A few small rides:

Boomer's Flyin' Bananas? Oh, my... what an original name for a ride:

The Tasmanian Tiger Family Coaster:

Small, but nicely-kept:

More stuff:

A pig:

The Horse Shed:

...with the annexed Pony Trek:


The "singing dog":

The Fruit Bats exhibit:

That should be all for now. We hope you enjoyed this photo-tour of Tampa's Lowry park Zoo. If you have any comments or questions about this attraction, or if you would like to share your very own experience visiting this attraction, remember to leave a note in the comments section of this photo-gallery! Thank you!


  1. Great pictures! I love visiting Florida's zoos.

  2. The skyway is back from the original incarnation of LPZ. The zoo was a sad place when I was a kid back in the 80s with small cages for all the animals with cement floors and metal bars. The skyway was actually a ski lift type ride that constantly ran with benches permanently attached. It went up over the zoo area to the other side and then returned you back to where you came from. When the zoo was redone 25 years ago the new enclosures that were built forced the closure of the ride since they were in the way. If you go in to the Africa area and look through the fences at where the station is, you can see all the original benches for the ride sitting on the ground. The zoo is running on a small budget and the cost of removing the old ride just for the sake of not being there is pretty pointless, so it just remains there as a memory of a time that the zoo tries their hardest to forget.


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