Discovering Florida: Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo (PART 4)

Welcome to PART 4 of this Lowry Park Zoo photo-gallery (PART 3 can be found HERE).

We'll now continue to take a look inside the park's most beautiful restaurant - the Safari Lodge:

As we said before, it was sadly closed to the public during our visit to the park:

We would have definitely loved eating here:

More theming outside:

Even the outdoor restrooms were great-looking:

Another closed restaurant:

A few more photos of the animals around Safari Africa:

These giraffes didn't move one inch while we were looking at them:

Here's the baby elephant again!:

The whole family:

The Rhino Reserve:

The Ituri Forest:

Something should be coming in this area next year:

Moving on...

Yes, we are heading toward the Australian section of the zoo:

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