Updates from Kennedy Space Center (June 1-15, 2013)

Here you are a list of some of the recent news regarding the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex:

1. Progress continues on Space Shuttle Atlantis, the new $100-million home of the priceless artifact opening June 29. The process of opening and securing the payload bay doors is complete, as is the extension of the Canadarm and the installation of the Hubble Space Telescope exhibit is underway. The shuttle is dramatically showcased as if it were in orbit – as only astronauts have had a chance to see it – departing from the International Space Station. Atlantis is elevated 30 feet off the ground and rotated at a 43.21-degree angle.

2. For a limited time, guests can get up close to the Launch Pad and Vehicle Assembly Building in a special combined KSC Up-Close Mega Tour. For the first time since 1978, guests see firsthand the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB), where monstrous vehicles were assembled for launch, as well as where the future is unfolding for the continued missions into space. The Launch Pad tour provides guests a perspective that that only astronauts have seen. Nearly a quarter mile within the perimeter security fence of Launch Pad 39-A, guests receive an up close view of the facility that was the lift-off point for most space shuttle and Apollo moon missions.

3. Veteran NASA astronauts  will meet with visitors at Astronaut Encounter:
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut John-David Bartoe, June 1-6
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut Sam Durrance, June 7-8
  • Space Shuttle Astronaut John Blaha, June 9-15
4. Camp Kennedy Space Center: For parents wanting to keep their kids entertained and engaged during summer break, Camp Kennedy Space Center day camp provides young people with an inspiring week of fun and enriching space activities. Camp KSC launches kids into a galaxy of fun as campers are encouraged to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) through exciting educational activities. Camps run weekly from June 10 through Aug. 5.

For more information, please visit www.KennedySpaceCenter.com.

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