Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin and Temporary Nets

It's not really a great sight, but SeaWorld orlando was forced to put up some nets in front of their new penguin exhibit inside Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin. They look pretty bad, but they are really necessary:

NOTE: We apologize for the low quality of these pictures, but flash photograpy is not allowed in the exhibit.

This is the only area without nets:

SeaWorld assured fans that the nets will be removed as soon as the penguins get used to their new homes (we are not sure how long it is going to take. It will be up to SeaWorld to take the decision to remove the nets once the animal trainers in the attraction will observe a change in the behavior of the penguins.


  1. This exhibit was supposed to allow you up close to penguins. Obviously, no one asked the penguins. Seaworld was rushing things to get the Memorial Day crowd of paying customers. It is ironic that an organization that prides itself on caring for animals did not take the penguins' well being in mind before opening this up to the public. Just my opinion!

  2. Even with the nets, the penguins get out. They go UNDER the nets! I've seen friends posting pictures that work in the attraction, and the birds are pretty fearless. It could be a while before their "training" is complete.

    Also, the ride has yet to be turned over from Oceaneering to SeaWorld, and not all of the cars have been delivered. The attraction was certainly not ready to go, but Marketing had already put the May 24th message out there, so the park was forced to deal with it.

  3. Seaworld might have to go with specialized glass. It probably
    will be the safest route for both human and penguin.

  4. Seaworld knows what they are doing. The nets will come down once the penguins get use to their surroundings. There is an exhibit like this at the St. Louis Zoo that has waist high glass walls and you will get splashed by the penguins when they are swimming and playing because they are so close to you.

  5. To say Sea World is knowing what is does is kind of silly when they clearly have no clue this was going to happen.
    For sure this is very disappointing and I'll wait visiting them when they get the whole experience like advertised.


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